Middle east – finally…

…kickoff for the next movie. „Young Arab Cinema“ for Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Breakout Films, D: Majid Alansari | DP: Benjamin Kirk Nielsen | Production Design: Benedikt Lange

US Election Livestream

Livestream from the Berlin Spiegel.de Headquarter-Studio. The set is host for the weekly programs “Spitzengespräch” (politics) and “Spitzentitel” (literature).

Production Design: Benedikt Lange, Production: B. Denes, S. Christian, A. Martin for Spiegel.de

we-vs-corona Livestream

The first job for me personally to be cancelled due to corona crisis is ironically the >wir-gegen-corona< Livestream. The design was ready when the lockdown made the stream an entirely virtual meetingplace.

DOOM Eternal >DIY<

Get that: Nelson, Markey und Marcel Scorpion are the Doom-Slayer! 3 Social Media Clips for Bethesda

D: R.Böhringer | DP: D.Lobert | P: A.Lerner for Gingermedia | Productiondesign & Costumes: Benedikt Lange

Awww: The Netflix Awwwracle!

Cats predict the future of Netflix series 2020. 2019 was a year with plenty cliffhangers. > Will Nairobi survive? Can Jonas in DARK ward off the apocalypse? What will happen to Elevens Superpower? We ask the smartest future-tellers in the world: Cats <

Great fun for me and my team to design and realize the Cat Oracle that earned nice 500k clicks on youtube, facebook , Twitter and Instagram over the first three days.

D: V.Rothkirch, R.Maas | DP:A.Zimmermann | P: K.Poschner, F.Poppenk for Granny | Production Design: Benedikt Lange

Please note: No Animals were harmed in the making of this film 😉


>Ich find Schlager toll< is Universal Musics Top-Channel on german popular music. Stage Design for an Acoustic Set Live Concert and Stream.

Eventhorizon Summit 2019

Event Horizon: The global summit in blockchain technology in the Energy sector. Design of the food-station-concept for the 2-day event for the gorgeous & delicious Cube9-Group.

Creator Loft S71

…play a hole @ Studio71 rooftop-terrace and chill, meet, stream or stay for a while in the Creator “Safehouse” at Cologne. W.i.p.

TOOM >Reward-Beer<

Check out Germany´s (the world´s?) first rewardbeer in the brew-and building history…

D: Th.Höret | DP: J.Lindemann | Production Design: Benedikt Lange

Verivox TVCs

Resumption of the Social-Media-Campaign in 3 TVCs: >Shit happens<

D: M.Mörtl | DP: K.Hofmann | Art & Animation: T.Thy, E.Deshusses | Art Direction & Character Design: Benedikt Lange

pullman hotels | wallpaper mag
>the global nomad city guide<

Directors Cut
D: Jaro Minne; DP: Krzysztof Trojnar; P: Somesuch London; Production Design & Styling: Benedikt Lange
The Global Nomad City Guide: Berlin Edition

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> Nowhere <

Goethe Institute Athens, Medienboard BB and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (GR) support this international shortfilm-production about the European migrant crisis.

D: Sotiris Palaskas; DP: Simon Sarketzis; P: Homemade Films(GR), Chromosom Film(GER); Production Design(GR): Crysa Serdari ; Costumes(GR): Milka Stojanovich, Production Design & Costumes (GER): Benedikt Lange

funk live
> the electoral residence <

24.09.2017, Live-Stream for funk (Ard/ZDF) on the evening of the 2017 German Election. To show the several rooms of the commune and create movement and variety over the long period of 4 hrs. my idea was to build a revolving stage with fix additional outdoor environment around the house. Great Fun!

#Deine Wahl
Live – YouTuber fragen Angela Merkel

Setdesign for Google/YouTube streaming a 75 min. Live-Interview with german Chancellor Angela Merkel before the german election Sept. 2017. As a reaction to the hudge media attention rival candidate Martin Schulz was also invited.

D: Manuel Schmitt | Broadcasting: Crosscast | Producer: Christian Meinberger | Production Design: Benedikt Lange

Netflix Germany (6TVCs)

6 TV Commercials for the Netflix Launch Campaign for Germany, Switzerland and Austria
D: Jesper Ericstam, Jesper Ohlsson | DP: Henrik Stenberg | P: Nora for Cobblestone | Production Designer : Benedikt Lange
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Axe “Peace” – LPT Special Bed-In

Production Design and Costumes for the (Action)Sequences filmed in Berlin. Teaser for an LPT-Special as part of the “Axe Peace” Campaign feat. Webstars like Gronkh, Sarazar, Budi, Simon and others…

D: Daniel Netschajew | DP: Mark Feuerstake | P: Studio 71 | Production Design/Costumes: Benedikt Lange
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Just in time for Xmas and 2014: The Art Directionary, a unique Sketch- and Notebook with Moods und Sketches by Production Designers. Initiated and edited by Munich based Production Designers Monika Nüchtern and Susanne Prieschl. Invited and represented in the Book are so to speak the “Who-is-Who” of german Production Designers for (Feature and) Commercial Films – and a few Underdogs (that´s to say Me…)

The Art-Directionary started off 2013 with Marco Bittner Rosser, Sebastian Krawinkel, Pan Patellis, Klaus Hartl, Benedikt Herforth, Dorle Bahlburg, Tommy Stark, Bader el Hindi, Sebastian Soukup, Monika Nüchtern, Susanne Prieschl and Benedikt Lange. The 2014 Issue presents even more Drawings and further Production Designers like Stephan Hingst, Colin Taplin, Bea Papiri, Malte Nitsche, Andreas Kleinmann and Flinn.

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Last Man Standing #2 Livestream

8 hrs Gaming-Show-Livestream on 2013-11-30. 1.5 Mio Views in the Livestream and 50.000 Tweets/hr (worldwide No.2 in Twitter-Trends) make the event the Worlds biggest Gaming Show Livestream.
D: Philip Gassmann | P: Studio 71 powered by ProsiebenSat.1Digital | Stage Design and Costume Design: Benedikt Lange
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2013: The Rise of Rock ‘n’ heim

Official Festival-Trailer for the new Rock and Pop Festival “The Rise of Rock´n´Heim taking place at famous Hockenheimring from 16th – 18th.08.2013. The very speedy spot is a cool adaption of the opening sequence “The Dawn of Men” in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968 by Stanley Kubrick. And didn´t Rock´n´Roll indeed change the world?…

D: Joern Heitmann | DP: Bernd Wondollek | P: Gernot Jurisch Navarro for Katapult | Costume Design: Benedikt Lange
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In Preparation: LPT XXL

Stage- and Costumedesign for Studio 71/ProSiebenSat.1 digital with Gronkh, Sarazar und Sgt. Rumpel on 23.08.2013 in the big Let´s play together Special-Live-Event >> LPT-XXL<< auf der Gamescom 2013

R: Philip Gassmann | P: ProSiebenSat.1Digital | Stage- and Costumedesign: Benedikt Lange

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Deep Purple > Now What?! <

International Video Release on May, 17th  2013. Good fun for believers in nostalgia with historic drum kits, Vincent Price and Ian Paice!


D: Joern Heitmann | DP: Bernd Wondollek | P: Julietta Kunkel für Katapult | Production Design: Benedikt Lange

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> J-Mag < TV Studio

J-Mag = Live Japan-Anime-Cosplay-Manga-Magazin

Neben der inhaltlichen ist auch die visuelle Konzeption ein Prozeß – wie üblich. Leider nicht immer da zuende, wo der Szenenbildner das Optimum sieht (hier: ein Set, welches sich ständig verändert, komplett und in jeder Ecke bespiel- und bescribblebares ist, sich immer wieder erneuert durch die Zeichnungen, die Moderatorin und Gäste produzieren.



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Art-Directionary 2013

The Art Directionary is a Sketch- and Notebook with Moods und Sketches by Production Designers for Films and Commercials. Initiated and edited by Munich based Production Designers Monika Nüchtern and Susanne Prieschl the book features work by Marco Bittner Rosser, Sebastian Krawinkel, Pan Patellis, Klaus Hartl, Benedikt Herforth, Dorle Bahlburg, Tommy Stark, Bader el Hindi, Sebastian Soukup, Monika Nüchtern, Susanne Prieschl and Benedikt Lange.

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Max Raabe > Für Frauen …<

Max Raabe “Für Frauen ist das kein Problem” Musikvideo from Benedikt Lange on Vimeo.

> für Frauen ist das kein Problem < = for women it´s just nothing …to save singing men out of burning houses and still look gorgeous, sort out the make up, finish phone calls and manage to juggle half another dozen tasks at once.  All fire in the clip is real, everyone safe.

D: Baris Aladag | DP: Pascal Schmit | P: Fabian Heine for ErsteLiebe | Production Design: Benedikt Lange
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Caritas > Progress <

A very interesting Project to work on and quite different from the usual production design business.

D: N. Beyer | DP: M.Mieke | P: J. Wiesner for Cobblestone | PD: B. Lange

Red Dot Design Award 2012 – Grand Prix TV|Cinema, Eurobest – Bronze, Cresta Intl. Awards – Visual Effects: Gold, ADC – Auszeichnung, Cannes Lions – 2x Shortlist, Spotlight – Bronze, Klappe – 2x Bronze
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> people & projects <

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Production Companies

RadicalMedia NYC,Image Nation Abu Dhabi, triggerhappyproductions, Cobblestone Filmproduktion, e+p commercial Filmproduktion, Schiwago Film, Elbdorado Medienproduktion, Work-in-Progress Productions, Luna Film, Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv, Göta Film, Embassy of Dreams Filmproduktion, Nerdfilms – a division of Embassy of Dreams, House of Packshots, Neue Sentimental Film, Mutter und Vater, Razor Filmproduktion, Who´sMcQueen Filmproduktion, Chromosom Filmproduktion, Sterntag Film, Brodfabrik, Kinoherz, Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH, Capture Berlin, Riomedia Film- und Fernsehproduktions, Brave New Work Film Productions, Lobocito Film, Bakery Film, JOFP Janosch Orlowsky Filmproduktion, Traffic-Berlin, 1. ersteliebefilm, Katapult Film, Rocket Beans Entertainment, Strandgutmedia, Turbokultur, Studio 71, ProSiebenSat.1-digital, Bubbles Film, Homemade Films Greece, RedSeven Media, Phantomfilm, Story House Productions, Vice Media, Markenfilm Hamburg, Granny Berlin, FilmDeLuxe, Leonine, Somesuch London


Jaro Minne, Marc Achterberg, Ralf Schmerberg, Aleksander Bach, Nico Beyer, Axel Laubscher, Greg Bray, Stephan Hadjam, Oleg Assadulin, Jana Godintschuk, Katja Sambeth, Lawrence Tooley, Robin von Hardenberg, Ole Ziesemann, Moritz Laube, Lisa Ohlin, Janosch Orlowsky, Frank Geiger, Mareile Morawietz, Anno Saul, Michael Labus, Bülent Akinci, Tim Löhr, Jan-Ole Gerster, Ciril Braem, Maxim Matthew, Sinan Akkus, Navid Abri, Niko Baikousis, Horst Czenskowski, Axel Baur, Christian Barz, Joern Heitmann, Sandra Marschner, Manuel Schmitt, Daniel Netschajew, Patrick Hasberg, David Voss, Sophie Ulrich, Saskia Heim, Philip Haucke, Baris Aladag, Jasmin Steigler, Philip Gassmann, Philipp Kadelbach, Jonas Elmer, Daniel Lwowski, Verena Soltiz, Tobias Haase, Jesper Ohlsson, Jesper Ericstam, Majid Alansari, Axel Lerner, Kai Wiesinger, Paul Gerwien, Richard Böhringer


Nicola Pecorini, Colin Lévêque, Pascal Walder, Charlotte Bruus-Christensen, Henrick Stenberg, Jens Lindemann, Martin Ruhe, Christian Datum,  Michael Kotschi, Markus Zucker, Annabelle Handke, Frank Schwaiger, Eric Ferranti, Deborah Schamoni, Felix Leiberg, Henner Besuch, Ingo Dannecker, Kai Rostásy, Max Penzel, Tobias Lindner, Alexander Gumz, Sten Mende, Dan Laustsen, Clemens Baumeister, Oliver Köppel, Richard Böhringer, Maher Maleh, Peter Nix, Peter Matjasko, Philipp Kirsamer, Heiko Rahnenführer, Ralf Noack, Ralph Kaechele, Yoshi Heimrath, Carlo Jelavic, Christopher Häring, Armin Dierolf, Michael Mieke, Bernd Wondollek, Philipp Pfeiffer, Max Hoever, Armin Franzen, Jan Mettler, Pascal Schmit, Serge Roman,  Hans-Oliver Wolf, Jan Mettler, Henrik Stenberg, Simon Sarketzis, Dennis Lobert, Birgit Bebe Dierken, Frederik Gomoll, Krzysztof Trojnar, Mario Minichmayr

Feature Film | TV | Short

“Rattle the Cage/Zinzana” (Feature Film, Netflix), “Der Lebensversicherer” (Feature Film), “Spezialeinsatz”, (TV Sat 1, 8 sequels), “Locked” (Feature Film | TV), “Im Wendekreis des Bären” (TV RBB), “Fishin´” (Short), “Minutes to go” (Short), “Franny und Zooey” (Short), “Ars moriendi” (Short), “Russische Frauen tragen gerne kurze Röcke” (Short), “Der letzte Mann in Renow” (TV RBB), “Asyl: Episode Speech” (3Sat TV), “Oh Boy” (Feature Film), “Simon and the Oaks” (Feature Film), “Evet – I do” (Feature Film), Nowhere (Short), The Glory has gone (Season 4, Amazon Prime Original)


Samsung “S6 Edge”, Netflix “Launch Campaign Germany, Austria, Switzerland”, Bruno Banani – “Made for Women”, 4Cost “Ugly”, Opel “Opel GTC Paris”, Bruno Banani “Made for Men”, AG Dermatologische Prävention “Velvet”, European Commission “Bullying”, “Poverty”, “Right to be heard” “Racism”, Violence”,  Sat 1, “Wir machen Spaß” (3 Spots), Deutscher Bundestag “Mach dein X”, Premiere “Freundschaftswerbung 07/08” (3 Spots), L´Tours “The Mysterious Site”, Heineken “Albtraum” (Spec), Ikea “Feng Shui” Spec), Nike “Hertha BSC – Beichtstuhl” (Spec), “Kuttner & Kavka” 3Sat TV, Studioset, Olympische Ges.|O2 “Kinder bewegen”, Olympische Ges.|O2 “Schola 21”, Intl. Red Cross – “Stars”, Landesamt NRW “Mensch Wald!”, Ahoj Brause “Prickle your live” (3 Spots),  MEXX – “XX3”, Deutsche Post, Ferrero Rocher “Nicht nötig”, Deutschland rundet auf “Launchkampagne 2012, Caritas “Fortschritt”, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay “Albtraum”, Morpho Cards Imagefilms, Dr. Oetker “Mein Moment”, Sky “Harald & Franz” (Franz Beckenbauer, Harald Schmidt), 10 Webisodes, Jacobs “Moments”, Trailer “The Rise of Rock´n´Heim”, Mazda “Axela”, Nintendo “Wii U 2DS” , Würth “Verstehen”, Nikon “New World”, Max Raabe “Für Frauen ist das kein Problem Sonderedition TV-Spot 2013”, Telekom “99FireFilms Award – Trailer”, Bruno Banani “Social Media Photoshoot”, Studio71 “Webstars Bootcamp”, Axe – Peace Campaign Viral “Battleshield”, Smava Bank, Axe Dark & Gold “The Mansion Battles”, Pullman/Wallpaper “The Global Nomad City Guide”

Music Promo | Musikvideo

Deep Purple “Vincent Price”, The BossHoss “RingRingRing”, Reamonn & Lucie Silvas “Only Ones”, Selina “Ich bin nicht mehr ich”, Angra Manyu – “Crusades”, Selina “Verdammt am Leben”, Radiopilot “Fahrrad”, Gods of Blitz “You know that i know”, Jörn Schlönvoigt “Das Gegenteil von Liebe”, Bakkushan “Springwut”, Zodiac “Fear of the beast”, Die Happy “The Ordinary Song”, Juli “Zerrissen”, Norman Langen “Pures Gold”, KIZ “Urlaub fürs Gehirn”, Lovers Electric “Beating like a drum”, Max Raabe “Für Frauen ist das kein Problem”, Max Raabe “Kleine Lügen (tun nicht weh)”, Max Raabe TV-Spot 2013

Stage & Live | Studio | Interior Design

Berlin Headquarter for MyVideo|Studio71|Magic Internet|Ampya|SevenOne Media|7Games Network: Interior Design of Entrance & Conference Area, ProSiebenSat1 digital: Web-TV  Studio “Die Aussenseiter Live”, Gronkh & Sarazar: Web TV Studio “Let´s play together”, ProSiebenSat.1 digital: Bühne und Kostüme “LPT XXL – live auf der Gamescom 2013”, Pietsmiet Web-TV Studio “Pietsmiet´s Hard Reset”, Pokerstars Web-TV Studio “Let´s play Poker – monthly live”, ProSiebenSat.1digital Web-TV Studio “generic”, ProSiebenSat.1digital Bühne und Kostüme “Last Man Standing 2013 – Live”, ProSiebenSat.1digital/Sony Playstation 4″For the Players Night – PS4 Release Event Live”, ProSiebenSat.1digital/Meissner Media Web-TV Studio “J-Mag Live”, Rocket Beans Web-TV “H4rd R3s3t”, LPT Berlin Web-TV Studio, Coca-Cola TV “Moments” Web-TV-Studio, Studio71: Concept & Interior-Design “TV-Studios, Lounge and Offices Berlin”

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