2013: The Rise of Rock ‘n’ heim

Official Festival-Trailer for the new Rock and Pop Festival “The Rise of Rock´n´Heim taking place at famous Hockenheimring from 16th – 18th.08.2013. The very speedy spot is a cool adaption of the opening sequence “The Dawn of Men” in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968 by Stanley Kubrick. And didn´t Rock´n´Roll indeed change the world?…

D: Joern Heitmann | DP: Bernd Wondollek | P: Gernot Jurisch Navarro for Katapult | Costume Design: Benedikt Lange
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@ Wikipedia The Dawn of Man
“A tribe of herbivorous early hominids is foraging for food in the African desert. A leopard kills one member, and another tribe of man-apes drives them from their water hole. Defeated, they sleep overnight in a small exposed rock crater, and awake to find a black monolith has appeared in front of them. They approach it shrieking and jumping, and eventually touch it cautiously. Soon after, one of the man-apes (Daniel Richter) realizes how to use a bone as both a tool and a weapon, which they start using to kill prey for their food. Growing increasingly capable and assertive, they reclaim control of the water hole from the other tribe by killing its leader. Triumphant, the tribe’s leader throws his weapon-tool into the air as the scene shifts via match cut:”
– finally into a microphone…

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