Art-Directionary 2013

The Art Directionary is a Sketch- and Notebook with Moods und Sketches by Production Designers for Films and Commercials. Initiated and edited by Munich based Production Designers Monika Nüchtern and Susanne Prieschl the book features work by Marco Bittner Rosser, Sebastian Krawinkel, Pan Patellis, Klaus Hartl, Benedikt Herforth, Dorle Bahlburg, Tommy Stark, Bader el Hindi, Sebastian Soukup, Monika Nüchtern, Susanne Prieschl and Benedikt Lange.


The 2014 Issue presents even more Drawings and further Production Designers like Stephan Hingst, Colin Taplin, Bea Papiri, Malte Nitsche, Andreas Kleinmann and Flinn.

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